Battle towards the Palace intensifies: Promises of the presidential wagers

Battle towards the Palace intensifies: Promises of the presidential wagers

Leody de- Guzman #dos

¦ Revoke the Philippine ratification of your own Local Full Monetary Union Agreement while the decreasing otherwise elimination of tariffs often harm regional globe and you can agriculture.

¦ Service motions so you can legalize same-gender wedding; every person’s sexual preference have to be known plus the Gay and lesbian society was part of society that needs to be identified by the state.

¦ Contradict the abolition of the Presidential Fee towards the A great Regulators (PCGG) as the operate to recoup the fresh new hidden useful the fresh new ily you desire to keep for it is returned to the people.

¦ Oppose the brand new lowering of the age of criminality, so long as the root factors that cause impoverishment additionally the lack of potential commonly addressed; the latest disadvantaged teens losing on petty crimes were brand new Duterte administration’s favorite scapegoats.

¦ Legalize the usage of cannabis for medical objectives, in accordance with the growth of native information for look and you will creation of local medications and you will treatments.

¦ Work for the fresh new passage through of a legislation banning governmental dynasties, having they have monopolized fuel within “kingdoms,” stunted this new man’s political maturity, and you can kept democratic associations and processes hostage.

Battle toward Castle intensifies: Promises of one’s presidential wagers

¦ Resume peace discussions with communist rebels so you’re able to pave how to own long-long-term serenity because of the approaching brand new legitimate grievances of marginalized.

¦ Work with the newest passage through of a laws requiring all of the social officials, especially the select, to produce the statements regarding possessions, liabilities and you will online well worth (SALNs), and additionally bank facts having accompanying waivers.

¦ Repair and you can institutionalize the College of your own Philippines and you will Agency off Federal Shelter accord within upholding informative liberty regarding the condition college.

¦ Realize other electoral reforms, for example a bar towards substitutions from the withdrawal and on candidates charged with management and offense.

¦ Really works to your new offer of very good and simply wages, as well as raising so you’re able to P750 minimal salary not only in Area Manila although whole nation; the last wage rise in the main city part are couple of years back.

¦ To improve this new government’s pandemic effect insurance firms alot more boffins and you will medical professionals, rather than retired generals, delivering fees; create bulk investigations alot more available because of the reducing cost; automate vaccination from the going home-to-home.

¦ Avoid dependence on imported farming products and recycleables; modernize agriculture by giving an array of assistance from the brand new government.

¦ Select “questionable” financing incurred by the outgoing and you will previous administrations and watch and that funds extremely benefited the people; for those that didn’t work for the folks, money will likely be renegotiated.

¦ Reduce the newest daily performs change on the most recent 7 occasions to half a dozen occasions, in the place of diminution off wages and you can gurus, included in a lengthy-name solution to jobless; the 2 days subtracted could be used with her which will make the latest work harbors.

¦ Secure the legalization out-of divorce case; enable it to be married couples disadvantaged of the their price to fully delight in and you can take care of power over its existence the way they come across complement.

¦ Force to your demilitarization of your own West Philippine Sea and you can deny become a monetary, governmental and you may army battleground of superpowers; reach out to Asian neigbors that can features maritime says and you can propose a great “common local section of essential commons” for a lasting and you will rational access to sheer resources in the competitive region.

¦ Impose an abundance taxation amounting to a single-date 20% levy for the country’s five hundred richest household once the off 2020, which may target a yield out-of P1 trillion; recurring wealth tax into monetary assets to get institutionalized, anywhere between 1 percent to help you 5 percent based on good tiered-income tax rate and you will a wealth threshold.

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